About Rapid IPR Services.

We’re a creative IPR consultancy located in New Delhi, India.

Rapid IPR is a value-driven unit of XiLiR Technologies LLP that provides legal, IPR (Intellectual Property Rights) and product development services to Startups, MSMEs, Small to Large size Companies, Educational Institutions, and Individuals. It is one of the best IP firms in India.  Our primary areas of concentration include patent law, intellectual property law, trademark law, design law, prototype development, and a variety of search and registrations. We offer comprehensive intellectual property (IP) solutions to businesses that are focused on innovation and research by providing assistance to these businesses in the areas of IP identification, analysis, protection, management, and exploitation in an efficient manner. So far, we have been able to deliver quality services to many enterprises originating from a wide variety of technological fields thanks to our staff of competent registered patent agents and attorneys.

Rapid IPR is a specialised intellectual property firm that offers a broad range of services and is primarily located in Delhi (India). It is well-known across the world for its expertise in IPR prosecution and litigation, as well as its entrepreneurial and operational capabilities. It was established with the intention of providing efficient, effective, and comprehensive legal advice and consultancy to their esteemed international and national clients in the field of intellectual property rights (IPR). Additionally, it seeks to create, protect, prosecute, manage, enforce, enhance, extend, and evaluate IPRs in order to keep up with the changing times and realities in the field of law. It offers high-quality legal services that are on par with those offered by the best firms in the world to both domestic and international customers.

Patent Services

A patent is an exclusive right given to the proprietor of an invention by a state government. A patent that has been approved grants the owner a 20-year monopoly over the invention, particularly when it comes to its commercial exploitation.The Patents Act, 1970 and The Patent Rules, 2003 govern patents in India.

Patent Novelty Search

Before an inventor submits a patent application for their creation, they need do what is called a novelty search, which is sometimes referred to as a patentability search. This search involves searching for previous examples of the invention in question.

Prototype Design

Prototype Design

A simple experimental model of a proposed solution is what is known as a prototype. Its purpose is to test or validate ideas, design assumptions, and other aspects of its conceptualization in a quick and cost-effective manner so that the designer or designers involved can make appropriate adjustments or possibly make a change in the overall direction.

Patent Drafting

The act of creating the patent description and claims is called “patent drafting,” and it is a component of the process of learning how to patent an invention. It is the fundamental component of each and every patent application. The draft will become the specification section of the document in the event that the patent is granted or permitted.

Patent Filing

After drafting the patent application, this can be filed in the government patent office as per the application form in Form 1. A receipt would be generated with the patent application number. One can also file a provisional patent application, in case; the invention is at an early stage under Form 2.

Patent Prosecution

Patent prosecution is a process where applicants and/or their representatives interact with the Patent Office to get a grant for their patent application.

Patent Inventor Assistance Program

Inventors and small enterprises who have a limited amount of resources may get assistance from the Inventor Assistance Program (IAP) in turning their innovations into commercial assets. Assistance in navigating the patent system is made available to some recipients by way of the IAP, which pairs them with a volunteer patent attorney or agent.