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What is Patent ?

A patent is basically a right or a license that the government gives to someone for a certain amount of time. This gives the person the right to stop others from using, promoting, selling, or changing the invention in exchange for making the details of the invention public. It protects the inventor and his invention from being used without permission.

Why Patent ?

Patents protect inventions. A patent is a piece of intellectual property that protects your invention and stops other people from using it without your permission.Get a royalty by letting someone use your patent for 20 years in India. After that, you can use your own invention. Don’t let other people use your idea without your permission.

What we do.

Welcome to the leading Patent and Trademark Attorneys serving NCR/Delhi. Our firm specializes in providing top-notch Intellectual Property services, focusing on patents, copyrights, trademarks, and designs in the NCR/Delhi region. Count on us for expert assistance in patent filing, patent drafting, patent searching, patent prosecution, and patent oppositions within NCR/Delhi.

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Are you searching for the best patent services in New Delhi -NCR/ India? Look no further! Our expert team offers top-notch patent services to protect your innovative ideas and inventions. Whether you are an individual inventor or a business owner, we can assist you throughout the patent registration process. Our experienced patent attorneys will provide comprehensive guidance, from conducting thorough patent searches to drafting and filing your patent application with the Indian Patent Office. As a leading provider of intellectual property services in India, we take pride in delivering reliable and efficient solutions to safeguard your inventions. Don’t miss out on securing your valuable innovations – contact us today for the best patent services in India!

Procedure For Patent Registration

Below are the main services we are providing to our valuable clients.

Patent Searchability

Patent Searchability

Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting

Patent Filing

Patent Filing

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Criteria For Filing A Patent

Novelty : i.e. some part of it has a new development and has not been published in India or elsewhere before the date of filing of the patent application in India

Documents Required

The following data is required while filing patent

  1. Name of the Applicant(s)
  2. Address in detail of the Applicant(s)
  3. Nationality and Nativity of the Applicant(s)
  4. Name of the Inventor (In case of the applicant being an agent or another person different from the inventor(s))
  5. Address in detail the inventor(s)
  6. Nationality of the inventor(s)

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Startups, universities, individuals and small businesses may use patents as leverage to get funding and corporate sponsorship. Furthermore, having a patent awarded in India increases the reputation of the innovator, his startup, or his corporation.


Services we offer

RAPID IPR is a unit of XiLiR Technologies Contact us : +91-9650750375 We provide the following services:


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Novelty and Inventive-step/non-obviousness are the prerequisites for getting a patent. We help our clients in ascertaining patentability through conducting novelty/patentability earches even before incurring financial investment for such invention to safeguard every penny invested by our clients in their inventions. We also conduct freedom-to-operate (FTO) searches, validity/invalidity searches, infringement searches, patent landscaping and white space analysis.

Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting

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Drafting patent application is the most complicated task in the whole process of procuring a patent. The patent drafting includes explaining the technical aspects of an invention which meets with the legal prerequisite. We help our clients in drafting their inventions in such a way to meet legal prerequisite as well as explaining the technical aspect in its best through our Attorneys having relevant scientific/technical background with experience in patent practice.

Patent Filing

Patent Filing

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Patent grant/registration involves complex procedural requirements and a high level of negotiation between the patent office and the applicants/inventors in respect of technical aspect of the invention. We help our clients to uphold their interest through complying the procedural requirements and negotiating on behalf of our client through strategic amendments/responses and arguments. We also represent our clients before Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) and International Bureau (IB). We have a vast network of reliable foreign associates to represent our clients before foreign patent offices at a reasonable fee structure.

Patent Litigation

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Our Delhi based patent attorney team is highly equipped for handling patent infringement cases. The team has already handled more than a dozen of such cases and has catered so far Indian and Multi-National Conglomerates in resolving or winning Intellectual Property disputes.

Holding a granted patent doesn’t guarantee the exercise of exclusive rights. Such rights have to be exercised through proper legal mechanism. We ensure effective enforcement of patent rights of our client through suitable pre-litigation measures. We also ensure effective enforcement through obtaining favorable injunctions orders where the pre-litigation measures would not suffice.


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Grant of patent would not guarantee its validity. Grant of a patent can be challenged any time before grant through filing pre-grant opposition. Similarly, validity of a granted patent can also be challenged any time after the grant by filing post-grant opposition/revocation. We strategically deal with such complex issues and defend such challenges securing our client’s interest at best.We also help our clients in preparing and filing representations for pre-grant oppositions/post-grant oppositions and revocations.


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A patent has no value if it is not commercialized. We facilitate the commercialization process by providing various services related to licensing, technology transfer agreements, patent audits etc. We also help our clients in finding prospective partners for commercializing their inventions.

International Patent Registration

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RAPID IPR team in Delhi is highly versed in filing and registering patent in PCT and other countries primarily including US, EPO, Japan, China, Middle East, South East Asia, Australia, Canada, South Africa and Brazil. The Delhi based attorney team also takes care of commercialization of Internationally filed patents.

Patentability Search

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An invention’s patentability might be impacted by prior patents and other types of literature, thus it’s important to do a patentability search.

Our Core Team.

We believe in a diverse range of personel to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table. we have more than 40 professionals in our team.


Sneha Sharma (PhD)

Patent Agent

She is an Indian Govt. Registered Patent Agent. She is a researcher in Field of Software and Hardware. She is an IPR consultant, and has experience of more than 12 years.


Vipin Sharma (PhD)

Prototype Developer

He is having 11yrs + is a researcher in field of VLSI and Embedded system. he is the developer of more than 1000 prototypes for clients.


Saurabh Arora (LLM)

IP Attorney

He advises clients on protecting and defending intellectual property rights. He’s helped clients with trademark registration, incorporation, contract negotiation, etc.


Ashish Sharma (MTech)

Software/ Hardware Designer

He is SW/ HW Designer and Developer, an expert in Developing prototypes. His area of interest is robotics, uav’s, drone, mechatronics etc.


Dhruv Seghal (LLB)

IP Attorney

He is an Attorney by profession. He is representing his clients before Delhi High Court and various other fora in various genre of cases like IPR Cases, Criminal Cases, Matrimonial Cases, Recovery Cases, MACT Cases.

Domains Expertise

Below are the main services we are providing to our valuable clients.

  • Embedded System – Arduino, Raspberry pi 3, AVR
  • VLSI Designing – Tanner Tools Hspice
  • MATLAB Image processing, MATLAB Simulink
  • Power Electronics, Power System
  • Internet of things, Cloud Computing
  • Antenna Designing – ANSYS HFSS
  • Robotics, Drones , Mechatronics
  • Medicinal Chemistry, New Chemical Entity (NCE), Synthetic Processes, Pharmaceutical Formulations/Dosage Forms (Solid Oral, NDDS, Microspheres, Nano-Particles, Liposomes, Neosomes, Sustained Release Drug Delivery Systems), Drug Delivery Systems, Medical Devices, Method of Use, Therapies, Bio-Pharmaceuticals etc.
  • Network Simulator NS2, NS3
  • Internet of things, Cloud Computing
  • Embedded System, Robotics
  • IOT, Arduino, Embedded System
  • ML, AI, Data mining etc
  • Blockchain
  • AR
  • Metaverse
  • MAV
  • UAV
  • Medical Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Method of Use, Therapies, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology etc.
  • Organic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry, Synthetic Chemistry, Photochemistry etc.
  • Robotics, Mechatronics, Pneumatic based
  • Hydraulic, Solar energy, Quadcopter, Drones
  • Wind Energy Mechanical Engineering Design
  • Industrial and Production Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Computer-Aided Engineering Mechatronics Engineering
  • Power Plant Engineering
  •  Antibodies, Method of Treatment, Diagnostic Kits, Genetic Engineering etc.
  •  Method, Device and Systems, Software Inventions, Artificial Intelligence, Process Managements etc.
  • IoT, Tele-Communication, Robotics, Embedded Systems s etc.
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Geoinformatics
  • Geothechnical Engineering
  • Hydraulics and Water Resources Engineering
  • Infrastructure Engineering and Management
  • Structural Engineering
  • Transportation Engineering
  •  Novel Conductive Compounds, Low Resistivity Mechanism, Susceptibility Fusion, Load-Shedding Systems
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR): Novel Applications of Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (VR).
  • All Medical or Non-Medical Devices, Apparatuses etc.
  • SIGNAL PROCESSING & Quadcopter,
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